Premise and Purpose

Jasmine Black is a young woman, whose close friend Zachery McTavish shuts himself out from the rest of the world after he suffers a devastating loss in his family. Zachery doesn’t want to see anyone, or be around anybody, making him increasingly toxic to the people around him. Jasmine, because of her personality decides to keep an eye on him, even with the other people in her life telling her how emotionally and mentally damaging being around Zachery is. Ultimately Jasmine must decide to take care of herself and break free from this path of self-destruction, or risk the obliteration of herself internally and the disappearance of her individuality.
Why are We Doing This?

We as a team are working day-in-and-day-out to bring this film to life for a couple of reasons. The first being the ripple effect that a project like this can have. The story of Suffocation is one of anxiety, loss, and learning to come to terms with grief. There are many people 

experiencing similar struggles, particularly in today’s world, considering current events. People need help more than ever. 

We are thrilled for this opportunity: to not only be creating a powerful story, but also a fundraiser in which 10% of all funds received will go to a local organization in Maine, The Greater Portland Health Organization. We want to help as many people as possible and change the world in our own special way.


The second reason is for us personally. Everyone involved in this project is artistic in their own way, whether it's film, art, theater, graphic design or even photography. Most of the crew and cast are either recent college graduates, or are still currently enrolled students of the University of Southern Maine. For us this is a chance to do something very few are willing to do, which is to create art with real significance, and to do something big that we have not had the chance to up until this point. The chance to create something big that we have complete creative control over is very important to us and this gives us the chance to do that.


We as a cast and crew understand the stress, anxiety and worry that is in the world right now and we all believe one of the ways to levy that stress is to be creative and to help create things that will better the lives of others. While we can’t say whether this project will do so for sure, we are going to work our hardest to at least say we tried to have that effect. We did the best we could to have an impact on the world.