Note from the Director


I began writing Suffocation in October of 2019. Originally I set out to create something that would speak to the struggles of watching someone close to you suffer from depression and loss. I could not have predicted that this project and the people involved with it would become so personal and life changing for me. I can honestly say that this film would not be progressing the way it has without the team that I have assembled together. From day one everyone was on board and originally this film was not set out to be a feature length project, but close to when the University of Southern Maine shut down in March of 2020 my friends and leads Campbell Gibson and Travis Harden convinced me that this story and this film could be taken to feature length.


Although I do take some credit for the progression of this story, I give the rest to my cast and crew. Every rehearsal I learn something new, every production meeting I gain more respect for the work ethic and the drive so many of these people have. To my cast and crew I say thank you for allowing this film to even have the chance to be brought into the world. Your passion, your drive and your love for everything we are creating together makes me want to be better and makes me want to work harder to make this the best story it possibly can be. I also cannot thank my family enough  for their continuous support through all of this. Thank you to my loving mother Sallie Curtis, my father who taught me the value of hard work Burton Curtis and my brother and sister Jeff and Maryea Curtis for always being there when times were tough. You are my foundation and you are my bedrock. Thank you.


Now I want to say thank you to everyone reading this page and who has decided this film is of interest to you and you have decided to support. We want you to be part of this process and we want as many ears to hear this story as possible. Depression, anxiety, grief and loss are subjects that are difficult to talk about, but that is the reason why those stories need to be told, so we can help others who do not feel they can help themselves. Because you have decided to check out this page it means you are part of not only telling a powerful story, it also means we consider you part of our team from a far, a team that helps tell stories that matter. Stories that can be used to help the people around you. One more time I must say thank you for joining us on this journey.